Hey folks,

Sorry this is a bit outdated. I guess you could say I’ve been a little preoccupied. I am loving my new full time job as a mother! He’s a great little guy to hang out with.

We’ve been playing a few local shows throughout the summer but pretty soon we’ll be hitting the road with Henry and the whole band! A small weekend tour through the Okanagan, should be fun! You can check the tour section for dates and details.


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  1. Darryl Reimer

    Hi Sheree
    You don’t know me but I got info about you in the weirdest way. (I hope you’re the right Sheree Plett) A few weeks ago I attended a home coming event in Morweena, Manitoba and talked to your dad, Bert Plett. I’m a reggae funk drummer and singer here in Vancouver, I perform with the band Boomdaddy. Obviously I grew up in Arborg ,Mb and hung out with all the folks back there, same scene as your grand parents Henry Pletts. I was a good friend of your dad’s cousin Allan Plett who passed away in ’85. Anyways I wanted to drop a note and perhaps catch your show here in town sometime. I liked your new song as well! Hope this all vaguely makes sense :) peace out Darryl

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