Christmas Shows

I have officially and successfully booked our Christmas Tour. This was a bit more challenging then usual, trying to find time in between my sons naps or trying to keep him entertained with something so that I could spend a few hours staring at the screen writing emails:( But it is done and full of some really exciting shows. We are playing several christmas house shows, which are always great. It equals lots of good food, drinks and friends. We are also playing in a few new cities and places that we’ve never played: Prince George and Jasper, which I’m really looking forward to. Feel free to check the tour section for more details.

We have the privilege of travelling with the most class that we ever have toured in for this christmas tour. We are used to taking whatever vehicle we have at the moment. Whether it be an old mini van or Volvo wagon, squishing and squeezing all of our gear, our bodies and now a baby car seat into it and hoping and praying that it will make it through the mountains. There might still be hoping and praying with this new big tour machine, but we will be driving in style and class, with huge amounts of leg room, with our very own fridge and stove, 4 bunks and a big queen size bed and tons of storage space for our gear…………we’re taking the BUS! A friend of ours has an old converted, blue school bus that we have the honour of using for this tour. Can’t wait!!!


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