SAVE THE DATE: upcoming Vancouver show on March 18th. more details to follow.


Here is a link to our upcoming project and our son’s debut:

We have been busy in the studio and hope to have this new album out by early summer. Being the cool hip parents that we are, we have been trying to introduce our son to cool, hip music as well:) We have strayed away from those really annoying, yet very catchy kid albums and been introducing him to Ryan Adams, EmmyLou Harris, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and even Buck 65 as of late.  Although these new songs are a bit more mellow and “soothing”, and could be classified as lullabys, we are a bit hesitant to do so. We hope that this album will be able to be listened to by anyone between the ages of 0-102 years of age. We are back in the studio on Monday to track some drums, up right bass and trombone.


March 23, 2010

Sheree got the ‘Song of the Day’ on CBC Radio 3 today. Check it out here:

Also, Sheree and I (Jeremy) got to go into the CBC headquarters in Vancouver on Monday for a fun and relaxed interview with Lisa Christiansen, host of CBC Radio 3’s ‘Appetite for Distraction’. We talked about Sheree’s new album, and lots about what’s to come.

Check that interview out here.


Thought I’d let you know, we have one more full band show before the baby arrives.
If you want to come and see how a woman that is 8 months pregnant can still play her guitar, come to Cafe Deux Soleil on Feb 28th:)

CD Release, New Website and Some More!

The new album is finally in our hands!

‘The Road to My Family’ is going to be released on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 with a CD release concert on the following Saturday, January 16th at St. James Hall. Anniedale Records is releasing the record.

Andrew Lee is going to open the show under the name ‘Black Tortoise’, so be prepared for the show of a lifetime.

Also we’ll soon be getting a new website. Hang tight for that.

See you all soon

On the Road…

We made it safely to Camrose, Alberta yesterday. Sadly, we ended up having to cancel our Red Deer show due to frozen gas lines. I guess our vehicle is not used to -35 weather and would not start on tuesday. After an entire day of getting heaters surrounding it in a warm garage, she finally decided to start up at 11pm, just eleven hours too late. Our wonderful hosts Ken and Lois blew us away with their hospitality and said that if we were staying another night they would host a house show at their place that night. It will be remembered as the most coziest house show ever, it was a very special night.
The next morning, Lois sent us off with about 15+ prairie berry pies and we made it to Camrose in time to play a great show at Brent and Jenna’s house. You gotta love prairie folk!!

Christmas Tour

We leave tomorrow on a 10 day tour to BC and Alberta!! We are anticipating snow, egg nog, visits with good friends and family and playing music of course.
Mark your calendars for January 16th, you now have plans.
We will be having the official CD release show for my brand new album, “The Road to my Family”…finally!! More details to follow.

In Coming Months

Next Friday, October 23, 2009 we’ll be playing our first full band show in a while! It’ll be at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver for their new concert series … called the Series. It comes at a good time – a few music venues have shut down recently so this is a great opportunity to support local music in Vancouver! Please come out, and tell your friends!

Also in the works is our forthcoming Christmas-time tour. We’ll have the new album ‘the Road to My Family’ with us to sell, but won’t be officially releasing the album until January 2010. Tour dates are in the works – we’ll be touring full band, and hitting up Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Quesnel, Kamloops, Camrose, and, obviously, Vancouver! So keep checking back for updates.

Hopefully soon we’ll be updating this website as well – watch for that. And we do sometimes update our blog – Feel free to stop there and comment about our comments. Hopefully see you all soon!


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