‘Known for her song-based stories about growing up in the Prairies, the sensual, emotive artist is able to conjure up powerful images of love, loss and Canadian winters.’-Vue Weekly

‘Amidst raw instrumentation, Plett weaves tales into haunting tracks like Riverbend, while making insightful observations in tracks like Sixteen Willows. Although The Road to My Family isn’t great for listeners hunting for commercially popular music, it is a good contemplative collection of songs for listeners looking for music with depth and honesty.’ – Youthink Magazine

‘Plett is as likeable as they come. It is hard not to be knocked over by her voice especially when it inhabits the starkly beautiful ‘Me and My Love’… these songs are deeply pleasant and when given space to relax, quite compelling.’ -Americana UK

“Far above and beyond the average ‘Girl with the Guitar'” – Sook Yin Lee

‘These two (Plett and husband) sing in folksy harmonies and Plett’s sweetly smoky voice is particularly pleasing’ -the Georgia Straight.


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